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ONLINE Breathwork Facilitator

ONLINE Breathwork Facilitator

ONLINE This 7 week course is a mix of self-paced learning and Live zoom sessions.


LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS: *All times are GMT please check local time differences

10 am to 12.30 Sundays. February 11th and 25th

10 am to 12.30 Saturday, March 9th and 23rd.



Breathwork is accessible to all, no special skills or physical attributes are required. The benefits are evidenced, and emerging. And the success of Wim Hoff and James Nester attests the public desire to know more about these simple, effective health supporting tools.


Breathwork practices have been proven to

  • Aid sleep
  • Support and balance the Nervous System
  • Improve Pulmonary function
  • Increase focus
  • Assist relaxation
  • Support healing from some autoimmune disorders and
  • Improve executive function in ADD and ADHD.


This mix of contemporary breath practices and traditional pranayama, will introduce the biochemical, biomechanical, psychological and application aspects of a selection of Breathwork practices.

The course is both goal orientated and implementation orientated. With an overall aim to encourage a commitment to regular breathwork practice.




Daily guided audio practices


What you will learn

  • A selection of breathing practices
  • The anatomy and physiology of breathing
  • How to prepare your body for breathwork
  • Ease and comfort in practice
  • Optimal Duration
  • How to design breathwork sessions for groups or individuals
  • Cautions
  • Benefits
  • How to create informative and enjoyable sessions


Your learning will be supported by

  • Daily AM and PM practice in an audio format
  • A breath journal
  • A training manual
  • Live sessions will be an interactive group learning experience..

Join me for this 50 hour course, endorsed by Balens and awarded CPD/CEC  with Yoga Alliance, and learn about this life changing wellbeing support.


At the end of this course you will have

  • A cache of breathwork practices
  • An understanding of benefits and cautions
  • A selection of back up studies
  • A process for the application of practice
  • A definition of Scope of Practice


The format is a mix of “LIVE” dates plus, self - passed practice, and study. Although everyone starts and finishes the course on the same dates, study sessions in between are entirely up to individual schedules.


Weekly Daily practice audios/videos.

After each zoom session, participants will receive their weekly daily-practice videos/audio. These are guided 10-15 minute AM and 5 to 10 minute PM breathing practices. Each week will build upon the last to encourage a regular breathwork exploration.


Pre-recorded Tutorials

As the course progresses, there will be additional pre- recorded tutorials to accompany the training. With a mix of anatomy, physiology, methodology, and practice.



Each participant will be asked to complete

1 Assignment. To design a breathing session for a group or individual.

1 Assessment. To submit a teaching video of a 10 -15 minute breathing session to an individual.


This course is NOT recommended for people in the first trimester of pregnancy. People with a history of epilepsy or seizures, recent stroke or episodes of psychosis.

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