Create a Half-day Workshop

Create a Half-day Workshop

How to make a great half-day workshop

Sunday, February 6th, 10am to 14.30 pm UK/IRL and 11am to 15.30 pm Spain

In this training for teachers, you will be guided through the practical aspects of how to make your workshop effective, fun, pertinent and professional.


How to choose a topic.

How to make a practice around the topic.

How to research and structure the methodology of the topic.

How to create AND assess learning outcomes- in other words, did people get what they paid for?


  • Session 1: Choose a theme, and begin to structure your workshop. How to research and plan your session. Derive essential learning outcomes and styles.
  • Session 2: Present and market your workshop. How to find your students.  How to interact in a way that adds to the student investment. How to inhabit a schedule template, with practical elements to support your desired outcomes.