Myofascial Movement Introduction

Myofascial Movement Introduction

October 16th & 30th and  Novemebr 7th 9.30 am to 12

Welcome to the wonderful world of Myofascial Movement.

The new, yet age-old concept that movement is not just vectors and levers, but an amazing, sensory trip through body-wide lines of tensegrity.

Join us for a first peek into 3D movement that is fluid and extra strong at the same time. If you are a movement teacher and have not yet delved into the world of Myofascia we highly recommend developing your knowledge by attending this course.


During this 15 hour training we will introduce you to several elements to enhance healthy fascia, from conversational joint mobility, elastic recoil, glide and melt.

We will explore fascial meridians location, qualities and function. how to adapt some traditional Yoga and Pilates exercises to fulfil all four elements of training for fascial health. 


Training Aims:

  • To locate fascia is in the huiman body
  • To explore the forn and function of various fascial structures
  • To practice different training styles to assist functionality
  • To learn to teach a more fascial focussed class