Sequencing Made Simple Workshop

Sequencing Made Simple Workshop

Sequencing made Simple. ONLINE  training course.



Sunday October 10th - 9.30am-12pm (Ireland/UK). 10.30am-1pm (Spain)   

Saturday October 23rd - 9am-11.30am (Ireland/UK). 10am-12.30pm (Spain)   

Saturday November 6th - 1pm-3pm (Ireland/UK). 2pm-4pm (Spain)   


If you have been teaching for a while you usually reach a point where you want to be able to create new, exciting and challenging sequences for your student (without having to spend hours on the process!)

I can help you populate a template that can be made appropriate to all levels, onto which you can add themes, goals, flow and intention.


Topics include

  • Simple General Class Template plan. Timing and aims.
  • Class Arcs
  • Categorising poses energetically from pre poses to peak poses and beyond.
  • Populating a Class template based on level, goal, history, age etc. 
  • Dissecting poses - how to view, cue, modify and assign poses to assist class aims
  • 5 pose flow- how to design a flow around just 5 poses


The course will be delivered over 3 x zoom sessions, with interactive exercises plus, pre-recorded videos and workbooks 


This is my very favourite workshop to teach. Plenty of happy faces and "Aha" moments.


3x Live Zoom Sessions: dates above

A link to the recording will be sent out in case you are not able to attend live.


      €110.00 Regular Price
      €88.00Sale Price