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The Great Unwinding

The Great Unwinding

Integrative body-mind practices can blatantly support your wellbeing. In this5 day Immersion August 2nd to 6th at Hot Yoga Dublin

You will learn evidence-based techniques to 


  • Boost Feelings of Empowerment,
  • Promote Vagus Nerve stimulation,
  • Explore the link between Posture and Emotional expression and self-regulation, plus
  • Unwrap the link between Cortisol, Movement and Insulin Resistance

 Join me for this practical, sensory immersion over 5 days in Dublin. Plus Online resources to keep.

Space is Limited


Day 1.

Welcome to the wonderful world of fascia, your biggest sensory organ. Understand how fascial thickening and adhesions can impact physical and mental health. Signalling the nervous system to respond in an unregulated way. Learn about how functional breathing is an essential guide for nervous system balance and fascial hydration.

Support for chronic aches and pains causing stress spirals.


Day 2

Welcome to the fascinating process of respiration and how it impacts every metabolic process. How to manipulate this process for better Heart Rate Variability, blood pressure, cortisol response and glucose utilisation. Learn about Fascial Glide to stimulate and enliven the embodied breath. Unstick and offer more body-wide expression of the self.

Support for nervous system balance integrated with mindful movement leading to emotional regulation.


Day 3

Going deep. Myofascial release and melt techniques to get to the core. Deep release and deep breathwork to offer a nervous system reset. Learn how your Vagus nerve listens through your breath and fascial system to signal nervous system response.

Support for deep rest to aid sleep, with tools for self enquiry, autonomy and agency.


Day 4.

Flow State, creativity, and play are essentials for expansion. Nervous system balance requires befriending your sympathetic nervous system, to build stress tolerance and channel it for growth. Fascial spring energises, rejuvenates, and leads to greater vitality, movement choice and economy.

Support for recharging, energising and forming focus.


Day 5.

Facilitating change and holding space. How to foster feelings of Autonomy and agency. Empathy versus compassion.

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      €505.00Sale Price
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