Yoga Training Skills Immersion

Yoga Training Skills Immersion

This 7 day Yoga immersion is the perfect opportunity to delve back into real life yoga teaching skills.


It is also a respite for Yoga Professionals with time for rest and recuperation and space to communicate with like-minded people and share solutions within your community. 


We have some exceptional themes to expand your practice and teaching, bring a freshness to your repertoire and take you to the next level in teaching.


  • Exquisite Sequencing 2-day. Never again have to spend hours sweatig over course creation. Easy templates can really help you easily produce amazing sessions.
  • Hands On Assists 3-day. Take your more experienced students to their aspiration of a pose. Explore variations in assisting and expressing asana.
  • Grow your Flow 2-day. Get to grips with Vinyasa once and for all, free yourself of the repetetive up-dog/chaturangua cycle and get creative!


Each Day is 10 am to 4.30 pm, leaving hours for reflection, journaling, beach walks and pampering.

  • What our students say:

    "I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my yoga teacher training. Susan’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom of what yoga is was transmitted to me in a clear and powerful way, giving me strong tools for my future on my journey as a teacher."


    "Forever grateful to Susan who has been an amazing, most passionate teacher for all the energy and wisdom she has put into helping me to become a yoga teacher."


    "The way that Susan teaches is something out of the ordinary and I feel very blessed to have the pleasure to have you as my teacher, guide and inspiration. I can highly recommend Yoga and Pilates in Malaga."

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