Slow Flow Yoga CPD

Slow Flow Yoga CPD

ONLINE: 8 weeks commencing September  16th 2021

Septemer 16th,23rd,30th,October 7th,14th,21st, November 4th & 11th

4 star STUDIO IMMERSION: January 9th - 16th 2022


This uspksill, will give particpants the toole to create teach and progress Slow Flow sequences for their studnets.

It will also provide back up knowledge around theAnatomy of Slow Flow practices, and the benefits of a slow Flow practice.

It will be a time for  Yoga Professionals to communicate with like-minded people and share solutions within your community. 


We have some exceptional themes to expand your practice and teaching, bring a freshness to your repertoire and take you to the next level in teaching.


Training Aims:

  • To understand what exactly Slow Flow means
  • To utilise anatomical knowledge to provide more pertineent sessions for your studnets
  • To design and teach slow Flow classes
  • To learn the language of transitions
  • To become courageous with the creative process

Online €695

4 star Residential from €1010

  • What our students say:

    "I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my yoga teacher training. Susan’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom of what yoga is was transmitted to me in a clear and powerful way, giving me strong tools for my future on my journey as a teacher."


    "Forever grateful to Susan who has been an amazing, most passionate teacher for all the energy and wisdom she has put into helping me to become a yoga teacher."


    "The way that Susan teaches is something out of the ordinary and I feel very blessed to have the pleasure to have you as my teacher, guide and inspiration. I can highly recommend Yoga and Pilates in Malaga."

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€625.50Sale Price