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Pilates with Small Equipment ONLINE Course

Online up-skill of Pilates with the Foam Roller, Fit Circle and Stability Ball for Pilates Teachers.
Pilates with Small Equipment ONLINE Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About the Event

This online course will enhance your skills as a Pilates Mat Teacher by providing excellent additional exercises using fun and challenging Small Equipment.

The Fit-Circle, Foam Roller and Stability ball can be used to further challenge your students. These small portable pieces of equipment are economical, fun and effective. Spice up you classes simply and affordably.  

 The course will include: 

  • 2 x 40 minute pre-recorded workshop-style classes with detailed instructions on method, teaching, modifications and cautions. 
  • 1 x 40 minute realtime class
  • 1 x live-stream 75 minute interactive class on Zoom. 
  • Plus 2 Bonus 15 minute warm up sessions from a Myofascial perspective as well as reasoning. 
  • A complete PDF manual. 
  • A certificate once you have submitted your coursework. 

Student Requirements: 

  • All participants must already be Pilates Teachers who have trained with us or one of our affiliate teachers.
  • Provide us with a digital copy of your original certificate.
  • Good internet connection for the live class & a good screen for the interactive class - we will provide you with links to the classes (via Zoom.us).
  • You will need have access to the following equipment if possible - Fit Circle, Foam Roller, Theraband and Stability Ball. (If you have no space for a stability ball, then you can use a chair until such time as you have one). We can direct you to a supplier to order this equipment online.
  • After completion of all modules, students will need to submit one pre-recorded video teaching one exercise from the repertoire as well as 3 short synopsis on important elements for exercises - ie the benefits, cautions, imagery, modifications etc. 
  • Small Equipment ONLINE

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