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Who We Are


Susan Church

Director and Senior Teacher

After more than a decade of Dance training, Susan was introduced to yoga at TCD Drama . As a valuable part of her professional theatre career, Yoga gave focus and physical strength, not to mention a respite from the down-times of the artists world. This lead to the discovery that Yoga and physical therapy was her mission. 


In 2000 she took her first Yoga teacher training, followed by two further Yoga training courses, Pilates teacher training and massage therapy. She has recently completed her Anatomy Trains in Motion Diploma with Art of Motion Training.


She has participated in hundreds of courses in Yoga, Pilates and functional movement with people like Ana Forrest, Jason Crandel, Desiree Ramburgh, Godfrey Devereux, Danny Paradise, Gloria Kay, Rebecca Leone, Karin Gurtner, James D'Silva, Stott,  Balanced Body, and many more.


She is a lead trainer at The Elbowroom Yoga teacher training in Dublin, Ireland as well as being the Director of both Pilates Teacher Training Institute and Yoga and Pilates in Malaga.


James Hale

Pilates and Anatomy Tutor

James’ practice and style are an unexpected blend of strong and playful. His flows evolve in complexity and whimsy of flowing movement, yet are an intuitive journey from the beautiful foundations to the more physically challenging aspects of movement.

He has a deep love of movement and promoting wellness. James has just finished his degree in Physiotherapy at Trinity College, Dublin.

His Practice includes, Aerial Gymnastics, Pilates, Barre and Strength & Conditioning.


James is a sought out movement and rehabilitation coach. He encourages playfulness in practice and rehab, reflection on opportunities to improve and celebration in even the smallest progressions on your journey to recovery and continuation of practice.


Susie Murray

Senior Yoga Teacher- Pilates Tutor

My sister urged me to explore yoga and after a few classes I found the dynamic and transformative benefits of yoga supplied the home for my body and mind that dance had once offered.

The transition to a fully fledged yoga practictioner didn’t occur in one class but it was enough to bring me back to class again and again. When my practice turned daily and my classes to trainings I turned my focus to connecting and translating my practice to others.

I trained with The Elbowroom in 2007 and continued my studies in Hatha Yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik India. Then continuing my education in movement I certified in Pilates and Barre through the Stott method in Complete Body Movement with Dani Gonzalez Ares and Joseph McCarthy, and once again returned to The Elbowroom to study with Susan Church to obtain the 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training qualification.

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Frank Gleeson

Yoga Philosophy and Meditation

Whilst still an undergraduate in Philosophy, Frank began Zen meditation to accompany his Karate and Tai Chi practice. After receiving an honours degree in Philosophy from TCD, he spent time as a musician, retaining his daily meditation practice.


That was over 25 years ago, and since then Frank has become a successful Chinese medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist. His daily yoga practice began 10 years ago and now he starts each day with a mixture of Qi Gung, Yoga, Pranayama, and of course Meditation.


He was the Philosophy Teacher at The Elbowroom 200 hour Yoga Teacher training course in Dublin, Ireland until his move abroad. Frank is passionate about the transformational power of Meditation, and delighted to share this with his students.

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