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Pilates Flow Library

Pilates Flow Library

This libraray includes

8 x 30  to 45  minute pre-recorded Pilates Flow practice sessions.

A mix of

  • Classical Pilates exercises
  • Yoga Pilates Flow 
  • Myofascial Flow
  • A Chair flow for bone health

PLUS a bonus

  • Myofascial Melt 60 minute session

*all materials are available for lifetime access


Are you a devoted Pilates practitioner or teacher, seeking to elevate your practice and offereings?

We understand your love for Pilates and the incredible benefits it brings. It empowers you, lifts your mood, and makes you feel strong and upright. However, we recognize that at times, the practice can feel a bit static. It can lack some other essential movemenet training strategies, like, full body articulation, force transmission, hydration and glide.

That's why we've created a special course just for experienced Pilates enthusiasts like you. Get ready to unlock a new level of fluidity and joy in your practice with our Pilates Flow program.


These sessions will elevate your Pilates experience by incorporating the contemporary myofascial principles of glide, force transmission, low load 3D articulation, and a touch of fun. Prepare to transition seamlessly between traditional Pilates Mat exercises, infusing your routine with grace and flow.


Here's what you can expect to gain from this transformative experience:

  • EASE: Discover how to enhance grace and flow within your strength and stability. 

  • CHALLENGE: Explore different pathways from point A to B, stimulating your cognition, proprioception, and promoting joint and tissue health. Expand your horizons and embrace new possibilities.

  • FORCE TRANSMISSION: Learn the art of distributing force through longer, wider areas (3D), fostering movement courage, and providing comprehensive physical support. Unleash your body's potential for strength and resilience.

  • HYDRATION AND GLIDE: Unstick stagnant areas and unlock the power of fluid flow. Discover how to direct and nourish the fluids within your body, promoting overall well-being and vitality.


Note: This course is specifically designed for experienced Pilates practitioners.

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