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Should I work for a studio or go out on my own?

Teacher trainees and New Teachers are always asking me where they should place their energy when finding work. It totally depends on you current home life, your desire for future growth, your time, energy and experience levels. I have drawn up a pros and cons list below STUDIO PROS Very little prep time needed from you. Prep the class arrive 10 minutes early, teach, interact and leave. No rent or advertising. You do not need to find the students. No surprises when you get there. Most studios are maintained, heated, cleaned and taken care of. You are unlikely to be met with any disasters. Potential for cover classes and more classes at the same venue. Sometimes, you simply cannot teach, illness, or time off, can be difficult to navigate, especially at short notice. Studios usually have a covers list you can appeal to. Discounts on some things being offered. A Community. This is priceless. No set up costs. You have a zero risk. Go home and forget. when you're done, you're done. You will not be getting the call to say someone left their phone behind.

Equipment is on site CONS Can be badly paid You do not choose your schedule Little potential for expansion Mixed messages in brand and ethos (sometimes) No access to your students information, to grow your offerings and make more bespoke experiences. Huge competition for classes. Many things not in your control OWN CLASSES PROS You have compete control. Once you establish good record keeping, you are fee to change and tweak everything, instantly. Huge growth potential Fully in charge of your brand and ethos Decisions around class titles are yours, so you can appeal to your community. better potential for offering secondary classes suitable for your tribe. Potentially more lucrative after initial set up costs and energy Potential to hand over some classes to another teacher Choose your schedule/holidays/locations Build your own community CONS Set up costs You are always on You need to develop a challenging new skill set Initial set up a lot of time You are responsible for everything

Lots of travelling sometimes carrying equipment Can sometime feel a lot not like Yoga/Pilates


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