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Top Tips to avoid Burn out

It's hard to believe that there may come a time when you feel uninspired, frustrated and exhausted doing what you now love.

Following on from a heartfelt post from my amazing colleague and friend @susieyogi on how to deal with burnout. I wanted to add what factors lead to burnout.⠀

It's hardly ever as simple as that you are just working too many hours.⠀ .⠀ There are plenty of issues that contribute. Here are some I can certainly recognise, and having discussed this with peers they agree. --------------------⠀

❎ Working early and late. A 7am class and a 8pm class in the same day is a recipe for fatigue. ⠀

❎ Having several commutes each day, is draining and stressful.⠀

❎ Having badly spaced out classes. Too much time where you have to hang around in a cafe, or too little time, where you are always playing catch up.⠀

❎ Erratic mealtimes and food choices. You have to have a least one warm meal a day where you can sit and enjoy for a long time. Not rushing to the next thing.

❎Skipping practice, and/or not attending classes or workshops. It can't be all output, there has to be some input for brain and body.⠀

❎ Planning you classes around you demonstrating everything. it is neither sustainable nor is it best teaching practice to show the whole session.

❎ Always teaching the same thing. Same style, same practice, same discipline is wearing. Mix it up.⠀

❎ Feeling devalued, either financially or emotionally. ⠀

❎ Not maintaining regular meetings with colleagues and friend, to let off steam.⠀

❎ Not prioritizing time off, weekly and monthly.⠀

So what can you do?

  1. Schedule early days or late days. Not both in the same day

  2. Schedule time to Eat AND digest. Digestions is as much about duration as nutrition

  3. Learn to negotiate. Before saying a straight out yes or no ask for time to think. and offer a yes if . . . The fee is a little higher, or will be reviewed in 3 months. The time or day is different for fit with your no to burn out strategy . . . etc.

  4. When making your weekly schedule make sure to include time with friends and colleagues

  5. Learn how to cure verbally. use imagery, action, themes, repetitions


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